Friday, March 27, 2009

HTC Magic Passes the FCC (Now With Pictures!)

The HTC Magic has passed the FCC, which means that 1. It's coming to the U.S., 2. Cupcake is going to be on at least ONE phone here and 3. Fellow Ohioan Rob Jackson and I are both up way too late reading feeds.

Previously reported by Engadget, the FCC post now includes pictures and some mysterious components.

With the cost of Android phones going down as the number of potential models goes up, and the keyboardless Magic coming in Steve Jobs' favorite color, does Android have its killer hardware? Five percent of the U.S. smartphone market is a lot for an OS that comes on the somewhat uncool G1. Magic can only do good things.

Now, HTC, about this no headphone jack thing... third time's a charm?