Friday, November 21, 2008

Of nerds, android, and the iPhone

This is Patrick. Patrick has an iPhone. Patrick buys anything that starts with "I" and has an apple with a bite out of it. If you started eating an apple, put it on an ice cream cone, he would give you like five bucks for it.

I hate the iPhone, and it's not because Patrick is really annoying with it in meetings and pretty much everywhere else it comes up, which he is. It's because Apple is going to become our digital overlords and we'll never see it coming. At least Microsoft was obvious about it.

We need a standard. It's what pays for the trampoline room at Bill's mansion. But as soon as Apple becomes standard (Patrick points out that there are ten million iPhones) we will all be marching lockstep to those stupid little see-through speakers!

Linux is sweet. (Yes, hang up now, non-nerds.) It standardizes itself to a more ethereal standard: simplicity and reason. Any good company should at least try to be simple and reasonable. I swear you will make more money! Ha ha, no.

Now, what about Google? Isn't it a huge corporation that controls our destinies? Yes, it is. Google will probably sneak up on us worse than Apple since its motto, "Don't be evil," suggests "eventually we're going to be as evil as we possibly can be." So let's enjoy it while it lasts! The G1 is a great phone. And if Android becomes our master, I will stand and *sniff* salute.

Next time... Patrick is sad, and some tips on using AnyCut!

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